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Pouch packing machine

Apr - 10

Pouch packing machine

Pouch packing machine

At Arraymachines, we can offer a unique range of pouch filling machinery for use with pre-made laminate pouches. Our systems are an ideal packaging solution for use in many industries, including:

  • Pharmaceutical
  • Chemical
  • Food
  • Beverage

We are engaged in supplying a comprehensive range of Packing Machine. This is aperfect machine and is suitable for packaging jelly, jam, lime paste or any other viscous product.


  • These machines have fully automatic operations.
  • Filling is controlled by volumetric piston.
  • Fitted with plastic sterilization by ultra-violet tubes.
  • The machine stops for no plastic / no liquid.
  • Automatic pouch packing machine
  • Apt for namkeen with nitrogen flushing
  • The fully automatic form fill and sealing machine is an intermittent machine designed for the efficient packing of product in seal pouch
  • The machine is versatile and can be easily changed over from one pouch size to another
  • Horizontal sealer is driven by pneumatic cylinders. Vertical seal is done by rotating die rollers through clutch and brakes